Why Royal Print

ROYAL PRINT has been in the printing field for many years and we have earned the loyalty and trust of customers spread across various fields and geographies with our quality, timeliness and customer service.

We act as a part of our customers team, rather than just another vendor and add value in various capacities:
    • As a Consultant: We understand your needs and suggest ways to maximize value. Whether suggesting ways to make your product stand-out, or providing economical size/material recommendations, or providing solutions to existing/potential practical issues.

    • As an Asset Manager: We maintain a digital archive of projects for a couple of years after printing, so that retrieval for re-printing or re-purposing is possible. The advantages of archiving digital data is that any changes required can easily be incorporated before reprinting.
ROYAL PRINT is well known name for quality printing. When it comes to quality we are can compete with any printers in the world. But more importantly, we have won the satisfaction and trust of our customers. We have the people, the equipment & the attitude to match and exceed the quality requirements as well as the timelines required by our clients.

We have the capacity and redundancy built-in to handle your largest and most complex jobs with the quickest turnaround time. With four offset presses which print 4 to 5 colours with an online coating at speeds of upto 8,000 to 9,000 sheets per hour and a full-service bindery with a high degree of automation – all add to the quality, speed and efficiency with which we can handle your jobs.

Price-Performance Ratio:

We firmly believe that the most important thing for a customer is the "price-performance ratio" rather than just the price. The quality of the product, the value-added through our interactions with the customer, the suitability of the end product to its purpose, and the impression that the product makes on the end-user – all of these are important considerations. As is customer service and transparency of the entire process.

One-stop Shop:
We are a one-stop shop that can handle all your requirements from processing, printing, bindery, packaging and dispatching. We also handle all your needs from brochures, catalogs, calendars, packaging cartons, labels, gift boxes, etc. You have a single point contact who interacts with you right from the estimation stage to the time of delivery.